Facebook in support of greek state assassinations

Update 4/3/2021: «Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Assembly under Attack in Greece, as Government Leads Hunger Striker to Death«, by Synantissi

Update 3/3/2021: Facebook cencores and suspends again the new Synantisi’s page.

[with many other, even professional journalists, as Marios Lolos, ex president of the photojournalists’ Union, see also journalists’ protest, «Freedom of the Press Shackled by «Artificial Censorship«, for the International Federation of Journalists ]

In support of greek government policy to kill D.Koufondinas, the multinational Facebook has been suspending more and more pages and posts, relative to the campaign for implementing the greek law.

We publish the protest by Synantissi, whose page has been suppressed.

Synantissi (=Meeting for an Anticapitalist and Internationalist Left)

Communiqué (1/3/2021)

We are watching with rage as the Greek media are concealing the existence of the big wave of support for the hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas and his rightful demands, while simultaneously, excessively promoting government propaganda calling the case «another battle against terrorism».

We are now also seeing with indignation at the censorship from Facebook which makes sure that any posts are deleted that try to express solidarity with a hunger striker, who is in danger of losing his life, and making his demands and the facts of the case public.

During this fierce battle our fb activity was targeted, an informational web event was censored / taken down, a post disappeared and there was a constant threat to remove our entire page. The page of a political organization that did not comply with the dominant narrative that the government is so furiously determined to impose.

This threat has become a reality today: The Synantisi’s f/b page has been taken down.

If they have even the slightest impression that they can silence us with this act of unprecedented censorship we would like to inform them that they are making us even more determined to continue the fight with more momentum so that life and justice will win!

Attempts to silence us, whether in the form of physical repression by the police on the street or taking place on the internet, do not frighten us at all. On the contrary it makes us believe that they are afraid of our voices.

And our voices will unite with all others who pursue real democracy and freedom and who will continue to shout for justice. And we will continue to shout both on the street and on social media!

There must be no dead hunger striker!

Solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas.

We invite you to become our voice and share this message as widely as possible

Synantissi (=Meeting for an Anticapitalist and Internationalist Left)



[voir aussi en français]


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